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Using innovation to empower people, business and society, Ericsson is working towards the Networked Society: a world connected in real-time that will open up opportunities to create freedom, transform society and drive solutions to some of our planet’s greatest challenges.

It will be practically impossible for human brains to understand how to run and optimize next generation of wireless networks, i.e., 5G network with distributed edge compute, that will drive economic and social transformation for all aspects of society. Machine Learning (ML) and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are vital for us to handle this opportunity.

Machine Intelligence, the combination of Machine Learning and other Artificial Intelligence technologies is what Ericsson uses to drive thought leadership to automate and transform Ericsson offerings and operations. MI is also a key competence for to enable new and emerging business. This includes development of models, frameworks and infrastructure where we in our advancements push the technology frontiers. We engage in both academic and industry collaborations and drive the digitalization of Ericsson and the Industry by developing state of the art solutions that simplify and automate processes in our products and services and build new value through data insights.

AI for telecom systems has been a research field driven by Ericsson Research since many years focusing on new innovative use cases and proof of concepts. Ericsson has a big community of highly skilled data scientists and data engineers in the research and development units to innovate and productify AI functionality, applications and systems across the Ericsson product and service portfolio.

To further boost the adoption of AI across the product and services portfolio, Ericsson has established dedicated AI accelerator units of total 300 data scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley/US, Stockholm/Sweden and Bangalore & Chennai in India.

The plan for the coming years is to build data-driven, AI-native, trustworthy AI products and services for the 5G network platform, delivering best network performance, efficiency and experience such as AI-powered RAN, zero-touch cognitive network, enterprise offerings, data- & cognitive-driven network operations and services. To execute on our plan we are looking for data scientists and data engineers with passion for innovation, research and development – information on job openings can be found at:

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Senior Data Scientist for AI and Machine Learning

Digitalization is redefining the world, 5G is redefining telecommunication and AI & Machine Learning is redefining engineering. Ericsson is central in this transition and wants you to be part of the change.

Senior Data Engineer

Our Analytics team is now looking for a passionate person within the Data Engineering area, who is interested in systemizing and developing solutions around state-of-the-art open-source and commercial big data components, to join our growing team of analytics specialists. Tapping into our massive product usage data sets, you will architect, build and optimize analytics platform and pipelines to harness our data, derive impactful insights to help guide the business with data.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning in next-generation systems. Check out our whitepaper here.

AI by Design

Our AI solutions are embedded throughout the network, built by people with extensive AI and telecom expertise, and with an AI-first mindset and technology in every product or service. Our AI is deliberate and purposeful. We call it AI by Design. Visit our site here.

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Our people lead our quest, so the opportunity is open: be an explorer, a change maker, or a lifesaver. A climate hero or a creative. Be part of the team. Be the one who did. Be where it begins. See our people film here.

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We will be available in the GAIA slack for questions and discussions. Please join us in the channel #gaia2020-ericsson in the GAIA Slack if you want to know more about us, what we do, or our job openings. See you there!

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Åke Johansson
Senior Developer

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Rozita Akrami
Senior Data Scientist

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Gordon Sun
Manager, Data Analytics

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Darko Aleksic
Manager, Data Analytics


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