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For the last 5 years, CGit has designed, implemented, and supported some of Scandinavia’s largest multi-GPU infrastructure-solutions aimed at developing AI. We have provided services and compute-power to AI Sweden, the national center for applied Artificial Intelligence. We design and deliver complete infrastructure solutions, from storage and networking to compute and we were the first company in Sweden that hosted the new DGX A100 system from Nvidia. CGit is a proud Nvidia Elite Partner.

Now, we take the next step and introduce our very own software, AiQu, to the market. Over the years we have learned that the tools traditionally used for scheduling and orchestrating, CPU-based HPC-environments and jobs are no longer the optimal choice for GPU-based systems. Organizations want their highly valuable investments in both hardware and personnel to be used in the most efficient way possible. That is why we developed AiQu, a versatile tool that will help to accelerate and maximize your AI initiatives.

We look forward to discussing any challenges or answer any questions about Deep Learning infrastructure or job scheduling in multi-GPU environments that you might have!

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Shared material


Read NVIDIA’s datasheet for the DGX A100 here and the DGX Station A100 here.


Read the NVIDA’s technical whitepaper about the DGX A100 System Architecture here.


Read NVIDIA’s whitepaper about the A100 Tensor Core GPU Architecture here.

Solution Brief

Read NVIDIA’s DGX solution brief here.

Press Release

Read NVIDIA’s press release about the new A100 here.


Optimize your AI power with scheduling. Read our product sheet here.

Meet us on Slack

We will be available in the GAIA slack for questions and discussions. Please join us in the channel #gaia2020-cgit in the GAIA Slack if you want to know more about us, what we do, or our job openings. See you there!

@Anders Stålnacke

Anders Stålnacke | Senior technical consultant and AI-systems architect

@Simon Janeck

Simon Janeck | Senior technical consultant, AI Systems Networking expert and responsible for the AiQu development team

@Kristoffer Sköldheden

Kristoffer Sköldheden | Development team behind AiQu

@Petter Ahlén

Petter Ahlén | AI Systems sales and commercial relations

@Christian Gustavsson

Christian Gustavsson | Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder

@Tobias Granelli

Tobias Granelli | Sales Engineer AI Systems


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