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Annotell is on a mission to ensure autonomous vehicles are safe. To do this, Annotell provides high-quality training and validation data for perception systems through a comprehensive annotation platform in combination with powerful perception analytics tooling. Annotell supports all AD/ADAS use-cases such as LiDAR/image fusion, SLAM on LiDAR, segmentation of LiDAR point-clouds, etc. We also offer an efficient KPI solution, data transcoding from raw vehicle bus signals, data curation and more. Annotell is the only ground-truth and perception analytics company focusing purely on the AD/ADAS industry.

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Daniel Langkilde
Daniel Langkilde

A lot of focus in the machine learning community is on the choice of algorithm. This talk will instead focus on the dataset. While most people by now have realized that dataset quality is critical for the success of machine learning projects, most teams still struggle to quantify data quality. This talk will provide hands-on examples of how to quantify dataset quality, and also reason about the impact various types of quality issues can be expected to have on model performance.

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33-listan 2020

Annotell selected as one of the hottest tech startups in Sweden for the second year in a row

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Series A Round

Annotell is announcing our €5.8M Series A Round

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We will be available in the GAIA slack for questions and discussions. Please join us in the channel #gaia2020-annotell in the GAIA Slack if you want to know more about us, what we do, or our job openings. See you there!

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