About us

Unbiased is an award-winning Swedish tech startup, building solutions to fight ethical challenges in the AI and BigData Industry with the help of Blockchain technology.

Our first offering is the Data Marketplace platform (In Beta), a one-stop-shop B2B solution helping enterprises working with AI and Machine Learning applications, by providing privacy-preserved and decentralized AI development tools. In addition, our services also include transparent and trustworthy data collection, annotation, labeling, and analytics with blockchain certificates.

Through its solutions, Unbiased aims to contribute towards innovation and the betterment of societies.

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Read an article published in ZDNet covering our launch recently here.

Our services and projects

Unbiased is currently offering the following commercial services:

  1. Data Collection Service – We can help you source custom datasets containing text, images, and audio/speech according to your requirements with a complete audit trail and authenticity certificate.
  2. Data Annotation/Labelling Service – We can help you with data annotation & labeling services. We support more than 20 types of projects and datasets. Along with the structured datasets, you will also get a complete audit trail and authenticity certificate.
  3. Data Marketplace – If you are interested in buying and selling datasets or models we can help you with that. 

If you are interested in any of the above services, please send an email to sales@unbiased.ml.

In addition, you can also collaborate in our on-going projects, check out the below list of projects we are working on and looking for partners.

  • Automated Bias Detection and Mitigation Framework – We are doing research and development of different frameworks and models to evaluate the Bias of any given dataset or model. 
  • Privacy-Preserved Data Sharing and Encrypted Model Training – We are currently evaluating the OpenMined PyGrid and PySyft modules to test federated learning and data-sharing concepts in a commercial setup. 

If you are interested to join the above projects and collaborate, please send an email to partnership@unbiased.ml.

Meet us on Slack

We will be available in the GAIA slack for questions and discussions. Please join us in the channel #gaia2020-unbiased in the GAIA Slack if you want to know more about us, what we do, or our job openings. See you there!


Sukesh Kumar Tedla | CEO



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