Thore Husfeldt










Thore Husfeldt

Professor of Computer Science | Lund University

An Introduction to Algorithmic Fairness


I will give a brief introduction to algorithmic fairness. I will introduce and compare several different definitions of fairness that can be used to evaluate outcomes of algorithmic decision procedures and highlight their relationship. Of particular interest are the tensions between notions of individual and group fairness, and between various notions of group fairness. The motivation and main take-aways from the presentation are aimed at a general academic audience, but I will include mathematically precise terms.




Thore Husfeldt is a Professor of Computer Science at Lund University and IT University of Copenhagen. He is a core researcher at the Basic Algorithms Research Copenhagen centre (BARC) and the current chair of Vetenskapsrådets expert panel for Computer Science. His research is in algebraic graph algorithms.