Per Sillrén

Per Sillrén

Senior Data Scientist @ Spotify

How Spotify Analyzes Thousands of A/B Tests With Confidence

Confidence (spotify-confidence on PyPi) is an open-source Python library that has been used to analyze experiments at Spotify for more than four years. It is now also an integrated part of Spotify’s internal experimentation platform, where it’s used to automatically analyze thousands of experiments every year. In this talk, we will discuss its benefits, demonstrate how to use it, and talk about what lies ahead.


Per Sillrén is a Senior Data Scientist and has been at Spotify in Gothenburg for almost five years. He works with product teams to understand user behaviour and to make sure product changes are evaluated with relevant metrics and through scientific methods before being rolled out. He has a PhD in applied physics from Chalmers and also spent a few years implementing ML algorithms in ad-tech before joining Spotify.