Niclas Johansson

Niclas Johansson

Machine Learning Engineer @ Tenfifty

Oompa Loompa and How to Save Lives Using Speech to Text

I will talk about how we at Tenfifty, together with The Swedish Maritime Administration, use AI to help the rescue leaders at the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) save lives around the Swedish coastline. The project named Heimdall aims to detect emergency messages sent using VHF around the Swedish coast. I will talk about how open source can outperform existing solutions and how big of an impact noisy audio and the specific domain have on existing models.


Niclas is a former software engineering student from Chalmers, working as a data scientist at Tenfifty in Gothenburg since 2021. He works with applied machine learning to solve customers’ real-world problems daily. Niclas co-authored the thesis “Automatic Emergency Detection in Naval VHF Transmissions” at Tenfifty and has since worked on integrating the theory into practice.