Max Halford

Max Halford

Data Scientist @ Carbonfact

Online Machine Learning With RiverML

A growing number of data teams have to deal with real-time data feeds. Handling these feeds is challenging. Part of the reason comes down to habits: data processing is usually done in a batch fashion. This is very much the case for machine learning, which involves inference and learning. Both of these can be done online. But how? What design patterns does this require? What software components are necessary? How does this look in practice from day to day? We’ll try to refine these questions and answer them during this talk. In particular, we’ll focus on River, which is a Python package for online machine learning. We’ll also discuss the higher-level tools necessary to deploy an online machine learning model into production.


Max is a data scientist currently working at Carbonfact. He holds a PhD in machine learning applied to query optimization in database systems. He develops and researches online machine learning algorithms in his spare time. Max is fond of open-source software and maintains a blog where he discusses some of the things he is working on.