Mats Kvarnström

Mats Kvarnström

Head of AI @ Paliscope

Finding the Bad Guys with AI: Connecting the Dots In Data

Paliscope is a Swedish company developing software for analyzing large amounts of data like tables, images, text, audio, and video with analysis methods like object detection, scene classification, face recognition, natural language processing, and speech-to-text. Since everything is connected somehow, finding the links, whether they stem from chat logs, speech, or social media posts, is essential. AI is critical in connecting the dots as everyone otherwise would be overloaded with information. Paliscope products are primarily used by law enforcement and other government agencies in several countries. During the presentation, we will demonstrate a couple of use cases for how the software Paliscope YOSE is being used and focus on a couple of technologies used within the tool.


Mats Kvarnström is Head of AI at Paliscope. He has a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from Chalmers and has worked with data analysis and machine learning in many different application areas before starting at Paliscope, from image analysis in cell biology to biostatistics in the pharmaceutical industry and probe-sourced maps for autonomous driving.