Erik Coelingh

Erik Coelingh

Vice President, Product @ Zenseact

Towards Zero Faster Using Deep Learning

In this talk, Erik presents how Zenseact utilizes deep learning in the self-driving car context to accelerate its mission to eliminate traffic deaths.


Erik Coelingh is Vice President of Product at Zenseact and is an Adjunct Professor in Mechatronics at Chalmers University of Technology. Erik joined the Volvo Car Corporation more than 20 years ago, where he was responsible for Volvo’s first application of Automatic Emergency Braking and led the advanced engineering activities for Pedestrian Detection and Intersection Collision Avoidance. In 2008, he took on the role of Senior Technical Leader for Safety Technologies, pioneering the Drive Me program, Volvo’s revolutionary research project on autonomous driving, taking place on public roads, and involving local drivers to integrate autonomous driving technology into their daily lives. In 2017 he was instrumental in carving out this development and incorporating it into Zenuity, a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Autoliv. He took on the role of Technology Advisor in Zenuity’s leadership team.