Francesca Carminati

Francesca Carminati

Data Scientist @ Peltarion

Topic Classification for Survey Analysis with the Peltarion Platform

This presentation will go through the main steps and challenges of a real-life project, from the data collection to the end model. In this case, my team and I worked with a customer that analyses employee surveys to help the management identify problematic areas within their company. Our final solution involved fine-tuning a multilingual transformer model and individual threshold tuning for each label. The model was built, trained, and deployed on the Peltarion Platform.


Francesca is a data scientist at Peltarion. She has an MSc in Mathematics and studied in Pavia, Milan, and Graz. Before Peltarion, she was part of the R&D department of STMicroelectronics where she used machine learning techniques for industrial applications. At Peltarion, she develops end-to-end solutions for customers in various industries, focusing on deep learning for natural language processing and computer vision.