Erik Andersson

Erik Andersson

Product Manager BI and Analytics @ Västtrafik

Alert, Your Trip Will Be Crowded: Crowding Prediction at Västtrafik

When the pandemic hit the world, Västtrafik wanted a precise way of informing travelers on what trips were likely to be crowded so travelers could plan their trips safely. Since Västtrafik is working in a large geographical area and has a heterogeneous population landscape, creating warnings based only on the time of day wasn’t considered good enough. We will present a use case of machine learning in production based on data from the automatic passenger counting system. The focus will be on all those details that make ML solutions useful in real life. How do you communicate the results? How do you maintain it? What engine does the model use? We will also present results on how it was received by the travelers and how it is continuously evaluated and evolving today.


Erik Andersson is a product owner at Västtrafik and is responsible for the BI and Analytics team. Erik has been at Västtrafik for six years, and during that time, he has mainly been working with vehicle and passenger data. Before that, he was an ITS consultant working with road and vehicle systems. Erik has studied Civil Engineering at Chalmers Univerity in Gothenburg, focusing on traffic-related IT systems.