Claire Detilleux

Claire Detilleux

Senior Data Scientist @ Spotify

Our Journey at Spotify Search Towards a More Data-Driven Product Development Culture

At Spotify, we aim to build and improve our product in a data-informed way. To do that, teams are encouraged to generate and test hypotheses by running experiments and gathering evidence for what works and what doesn’t. In the Search team, on our journey towards this goal, we have learned that, besides having the ambition, we need at least two more things:

  1. An experimentation platform that allows us to run experiments at scale and generate accurate results
  2. A product development culture with evidence-based hypothesis testing at its core

The talk would be about the key drivers that enabled our journey in the Search team at Spotify towards building a more data-driven culture for product development.


Claire Detilleux is a senior data scientist and has been at Spotify Stockholm for three years. She moved to Sweden from Paris, where she worked as a data scientist in other tech companies. In the Search team at Spotify, she works with the product team to study user behavior and help improve the search experience. She has also been dedicated in the last year to helping the Search team to integrate experimentation into their culture and processes to evaluate product changes.